Ruff! (v2.3.0)


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  • &
    OBJECT & 
    Method to test & escaping in HTML
  • *
    OBJECT * 
    Method to test regexp special chars
  • +
    OBJECT + 
    Method to test regexp special chars
  • <
    OBJECT < 
    Method to test < escaping in HTML
  • <tag>
    OBJECT <tag> 
    An explicitly exported method looking like a html tag
  • >
    OBJECT > 
    Method to test > escaping in HTML
  • _
    OBJECT _ 
    Method to test underscores
  • added_method
    OBJECT added_method 
    Method defined only in Derived.
  • amethod
    OBJECT amethod 
    A method of a class created from a metaclass
  • Base ::ruff::sample
  • base_method
    OBJECT base_method arga argb
    base_method is defined only in the base class
  • character_at
    character_at text ?pos?
    Get the character from a string.
  • constructor
    Base create OBJNAME arg
    Base new arg
    Constructs the class
  • constructor
    FunnyMethods create OBJNAME 
    FunnyMethods new 
    Class for testing special characters in method names
  • Derived ::ruff::sample
  • destructor
    OBJECT destroy 
    Releases all resources and destroys the class
  • document
    document namespaces ?args?
    Generates documentation for commands and classes.
  • ensemble_proc
    ensemble_proc subcommand ...
    A command ensemble.
  • ensemble_proc cmdA
    ensemble_proc cmdA 
    Implements cmdA for an ensemble procedure
  • ensemble_proc cmdB
    ensemble_proc cmdB paramA paramB
    ensemble_proc cmdB paramX
    Implements cmdB for an ensemble procedure
  • formatters
    Gets the available output formatters.
  • FunnyMethods ::ruff::sample
  • fwd_method ::ruff::sample::Base
  • log_error
    log_error msg
    Stub function to log Ruff! errors.
  • MetaClass ::ruff::sample
  • MetaClassInstance ::ruff::sample
  • mixed_in_method
    OBJECT mixed_in_method arg
    This method will be mixed into a class.
  • Mixin ::ruff::sample
  • overridable_method
    OBJECT overridable_method 
    This method will be overridden in the derived class
  • overridable_method
    OBJECT overridable_method 
    This method overrides the one defined in Base.
  • proc_full
    proc_full arg ?optarg? ?args?
    This first line is the summary line for documentation.
  • proc_with_custom_synopsis
    proc_with_custom_synopsis A B C D
    proc_with_custom_synopsis DIFFERENT_PARAM_SIG
    proc_with_custom_synopsis X Y args
    This is a proc with a custom synopsis
  • proc_without_docs
    proc_without_docs first_arg second_arg
  • property
    Method with custom synopsis
  • version
    Returns the Ruff! version.